Astraea Wax – Melts Review


I’m going to start this review with one of the most understated things you have ever read online …. life can be very stressful! We are currently living through of the most anxiety enduring times in history so it is important know more than ever to look after ourselves/our mental health. Bar , pubs , cinemas , theatre etc will come back but if we don’t take the time out to look after ourselves then we might not be around to enjoy them when they do. Now … I’m no mental health expert but I like many other sometimes feel overwhelmed sometimes so what I like to do in those situations is to organise a DIY spa treatment in my own room. I like to lay down , put on some face/hand/feet mask and while that’s setting , or whatever they do on your for 30mins and usually put on on a relaxing podcast/tv shows (if your looking for a tv meditation then I would strongly recommend

To truly get that spa experience I like to light a candle or two with my current favourite being the gin and tonic candle available in home bargains (which to be honest says all you need to know about me to be honest!) Despite this however I have never used a wax melt before because call me a traditionalist or purist but I used to love my candle sturdy and chunky but also seems to take up so much room in a cramped space. When I had discovered that my sister owned a wax melter , it was game over for the chunky candles! When the delivery of wax melts arrived from Astraea I was super excited to see if these melts matched the hype that I personally had created about wax melts as a concept and they did not disappoint! Wax melts in generally are great as you can use them multiples times. When you initially burn them they form a pool on wax on the burner, all you need to do is replace the tea light underneath (which Astraea wax kindly provided) so you could use the same scent a few times , although the scent will get less powerful each time.

I’m going to start by taking of the journey of my latest delivery. Coming through the letter box , it came in a lovely box with a branded sticker which is obviously great from a business standpoint as it helps to promote the business and reminds people to shout about them on social media! Opening up the parcel it contained all the theatrics that I am known for loving. Inside there were tons of tissue paper in a range of bright coloured (with the main package completely covered in a deep purple being particularly nice.)

The packaging contained four sample sized wax melts that were shaped as a range of stars , rainbow coloured heart and a chocolate bar. The personal favourite was the dark Cherry fragrance which took on the shape of a chocolate bar. The smell itself was surprisingly strong for such a small melt and made me think of the process of making jam when the fruits are cooked and the smell fills the entire room. This was a very strong fragrance that stayed in the room for a few hours after they had finished burning which I loved! My only qualm with this product is the fact that it had the tiniest bit of glitter on the bottom corner of the candle which I did find a bit unusual. The other melts in this collection were a lot more subtly with their scent but I am not sure if this is due to them being a sample size or not. The birthday cake/rainbow heart sample was fairly subtle when burning but if you directly smell the melt it was an instant sugar rush which was really sweet and nice! This transported me and my who family back to an American bakery in places such as universal studios ,due to the sweet vanilla smell it was radiating!


These little wax melts are perfect to chill you out in these highly stressful times we are experiencing. They are subtle enough to not be overwhelming or overpowering but instead adds a little joy into the room, almost like the cherry on the self-care cake! I would rate the sample from Astraea wax as 4 out of 5 stars and I know I will be ordering some more melts the next time I am taking some much needed time to focus on my own mental health! Follow Astraea Wax’s Facebook here to find out about the wonderful range of scents and products that provide:


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