The Power of Gratitude – Product Review


Just over a month ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday and my friends surprised me by getting an inflatable bouncy castle for the evening. This was met by a lot of stares by local passerbys but we did not care as we were having fun and at that moment that’s all that mattered! It was this childlike fun that makes you forget about the stresses of adult life and is the main reason that on social media you will often see, usually moms, post that quote “growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional!” The moments when we tap into childlike fun are the moments when we can relax which I think people need to be encouraged to do more as it can only have a positive effect on things such as mental health. They take us back to easier times from our childhoods which is incredibly relaxing! One thing from my younger years that I don’t like thinking about is art lessons not because anything traumatic happened but it was one of the only subjects I could not wrap my head around. The only time I would do well in art was during homework as I would get my mother to help/complete it for me. Skills like drawing are one of those things that I wish I could do well but alas…


When I received two adult colouring books (don’t get it confused these do not contain adult material but are intended for adults to de-stress) from the power of gratitude I was initially concerned as I remembered how badly I used to do in art without the help of my mother. I spent quite a while staring at one of the designs to decide what colour to use and wanted to make sure I did everything perfectly but that’s the wrong purpose for these books. Instead of thinking about what other people will think of your art, it’s completely your choice and realistically you are the only person that is going to see what you come up with (unless you put them on the fridge like me and my sister did!) As the pressure of getting everything perfect is removed you can focus on the relaxing nature of just colouring. The power of gratitude has a range of products and I was sent their “flowers and butterflies” and “the art of mandala” books as these seemed to be a piece of me and would help with the stressful times we are all currently experiencing.


In a recent product review, I talked about how I enjoy doing at-home spa treatments on self-care days (which can be found here but I think after using just one page, I am going to add colouring to my list of relaxation activities. For the perfect experience, I would recommend lying down and playing some form of relaxing music as this is what I did and I can honestly say I have never felt more relaxed. I spent 45 minutes doing my first design but the time flew by. That’s one of the great things about the power of gratitude books is that each book has just under fifty designs each of which could take up to 45 minutes so for £5 (each book) you are getting approximately 30 hours of pure relaxation which to me is a steal! The actual designs in the books are very interesting and each are very different so you wouldn’t get bored with the repetition of designs to colour in and the actual space that readers are supposed to fill are large enough to be easy to colour. This means that there aren’t many fine details that would be incredibly stressed inducing.


Overall these colour books are extremely relaxing and have a positive effect on mental health which is important now more than ever! The books only cost £5 and contain about 30 hours of entertainment/relaxation which sounds amazing to me. I would rate these books 5 out of 5 stars and would encourage everyone to go check out the power of gratitudes by going to their Amazon page –

Ps. All colurings done by myself and my sister!



  1. What a great way to celebrate your birthday! Bringing a sense of play back into our lives is so important and it’s fantastic that you’re enjoying colouring (and finding the calming benefits too).


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