Starry Llama Gifts- Earrings Review

This is going to be a very different post for us at Rhys Reviews as it is our first ever product based review article! We started this page initially to offer a space for new and emerging theatre creatives to showcase their work and while we do critic and review shows the intention is to promote productions in the local area! This is the exact same premise we will aim to promote with the product based reviews. We have to remember that behind these products are real people who have set up a small business as a means of finding their everyday lives and when the items arrive to us someone has spent hours and hours working on the products for us to receive. Now of course , we are still going to share our thoughts and opinions on pieces but the main intention is to promote products that we think our readers will enjoy! The other thing to keep in mind , is that if you have read any of my reviews you will now that I love anything that is even the slightest bit camp and flamboyant, so when I was sent two pairs of resin earrings by Starry Llama Gifts (fantastic name by the way!) I could not wait to try them on and take some glamours photos of myself!

Each earring is only 1 inch in height but like I have already stated they are made of resin and so do have a suitable amount of weight behind them. This works really well as they functioned as dangling earnings so the little extra weight adds even more whimsy to the products which I enjoyed. As they are only small these are no massive , statement pieces but rather someone you can wear to add a little bit of quirk into your everyday life. These are perfect for situations where you need to remain professional but want to showcase your fun/creative/whimsical side as they are not distracting or cumbersome when being wore but people who look at them will be very entertained. I was sent two different designs dinosaurs (which were made in a glittery yellow resin) and jelly bears (which were made of a glittery red resin) which added even more campy and whimsical energy to the items! I think that young children will enjoy this type of product (especially the designs I was sent) and would be great for any disco or fancy dress!

The other interesting thing to remember for this review is that despite being sent earrings , I don’t actually have my ears pierced! so what I had to was to detach a clip-on attachment from one of my other fancy dress outfits and attach it to both pairs. The big ,what appears to be glittery, circles are my own adaptors and so they do not come with the product when ordered but also added a little extra heigh so they dangled a little more than they usually would. As I talked about earlier , these products are fairly small and so were a little difficult to photograph wearing them but they maybe due to the fact that I was both the model and the photographer. These are not massive statement earrings that are going to instantly pull focus when you enter a room but they will add a bit of fun into any conversation you are involved with!


Overall, these were super quirky and fun earrings that inject an appropriate amount of whimsy into any look. They are only small but means that they can be acceptably worn in a range of situations without seeming too strange. As someone who loves fancy dress, I loved these glittery accessories and I believe that young children would really enjoy them too! Don’t forget to check out the other products this company sell at @starryllamagifts on Instagram!

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