By Lu – Product Review

Hi, my name is Rhys and I am addicted to online shopping! I think over the lockdown many people, myself included, have developed an obsession with ordering things from various sites. It has become somewhat of a problem as there isn’t a week that goes by without having different people at the door delivering a plethora of weird and wonderful things that I have found online. You would think that this over-exposure to deliveries would diminish the excitement of seeing a delivery with your name on it but it does not! When I came home to find a bright pink envelope ( which I thought was brilliant) with my name on it I was over the moon. I have been following ByLu on social media for a while now and have been obsessed with their personalised bracelets and so to now have my own pair is amazing! These products also have little charms on them that read “made with love” which seems to be very much on-brand for By Lu!

ByLu jewellery is an online small business that specialises in custom bead bracelets but has now branched out to do necklaces and stunning wire earrings which also look amazing. Their bracelets are entirely customisable as you can choose the colours and can put your name/message with a wonderful choice of colours! I received two different bracelet one that had “Rhys” and the other had “loved” written in rainbow text. The one with my name on it was a combination of white and brown beads that to me gave off very beach vibes. The other one was all white which was also super cute!

I am one of those people who loves anything that is even slightly sentimental so the idea of adding someone’s name or message and having it delivered to their home so they know you are thinking about them is so adorable! I am also someone who will wear festival and charity bands months after the event and will only take them off when they physically start falling apart. I also recently went through a phase of wearing hair bobbles despite never actually using them on my own hair. I do find that after a while these sorts of the bracelet can get a bit restricting and hurt your wrists but By Lu’s products do not! They are incredibly comfortable so much so that I actually forget that they are on my wrists. They are great to send to someone to let them know you are thinking of them or a not so permanent way of showing something important to you such as birthdates, children’s names etc. It’s important now more than ever to support local businesses but also the products themselves are super adorable!


By Lu has already grown so much in a short space of time, with new and exciting products being introduced, and I can’t wait to see what they will do next! If these bracelets are anything to go by, then they are destined for incredible things. Check out there social media by clicking the icons below 🙂

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