Dragged Out London – Product Review


As well as having a love for shining a light on new and emerging musicals from all over the world, here at Rhys Reviews we are also massive supporters of the art form of drag (both local and Drag race.) We are currently doing weekly episode reviews of Ru Paul’s drag race UK (which readers can stay up to date with at https://www.facebook.com/RhysReviewsoffical) and we are in love with the queens this season disproving the misconception that British queens do not care about fashion. The likes of Sminty Drop with her Antiques roadshow outfits in episode one, Cheddar Gorgeous in her rainbow mushroom look in episode two and the pairing of Baby and Dakota Schifer in the latest episode are really showing that they can turn a look just as much as (and at times more than) their American counterparts. Those who have also been following our blog for a while will know that we have a developed of sort of habit of collecting earrings even though I do not have my ears pierced. We have worked with many wonderful companies that have been kind enough to to be some amazing jewellery (such as Kat’s jewellery available at https://rhysreviews.com/2022/09/24/kats-jewellery-product-review/, Luna Aquila available at https://rhysreviews.com/2021/11/18/luna-aquila-product-review/ and even Dragged out London https://rhysreviews.com/2022/04/08/dragged-out-london-product-review/ the later being so impressive we went back to order more!)This usually means that I have to provide my own clip-on attachment which is the flat glittery disk that I have to state was provided by me and not the company in every review.


Dragged out London however provide clip-on attachment as a part of their orders (if clip-on is selected) and the ones they provide knock spots of the ones I have previously used. Not only do they provide these attachments but they have also been designed to fit the overall design of the earrings (such as the emerald pair having a stone covering the attachment for example) which makes for a much more cohesive look. The first set of jewellery I was sent was a sleek and classically beautiful set of matching Bermuda earrings and ring in silver/white (again we have our eyes on the matching Bermuda pendant necklace for our next order) with the pair sparkling beautifully when exposed to the natural light in my room. These items were slightly smaller than my other set but give a sense of much more classic Hollywood sort of vibe which would make for the perfect way to finish off a glamorous look! As they are the same design, the ring and earrings match beautifully with one another that when put of the same time almost forces you to feel like a classic movie star.


On top of simply having an array of earrings despite not having my ears pierced, I also needed to start building up a cohesive set of jewellery as there is nothing better than matching accessories. In my previous partnership with Dragged Out London, I received a wonderfully sparkly Zena ring in a gorgeous emerald colour and so I know I needed a matching pair of earrings. Generally speaking, the earrings from Dragged Out have somewhat of a weight to them which is intentional as they are intended for dragged performers so the acceptors must be bold and stay on during performances. For the earrings specifically, this means that they dangle the right annoying without flying all around the place when moving around which is really really important. While emerald green was the overall colour scheme of this product there was a few smaller AB Crystal on this set that helped to beautifully break up Michelle Visage’s least favourite colour! There is only one thing missing from my collection of emerald accessories and that is an emerald necklace to help create a totally complete look but FYI Dragged out I have my eyes on the emerald green chocker for my next order!


Overall, these products from Dragged out London are clearly crafted for an audience of drag performers (not for everyday use for going to the shop etc) but for the low price of just £42 I was able to complete two sets with wonderfully sparkly yet strong/sturdy products that would glisten under any stage light. They currently have a sale on (which is how I discovered many of these products) where they are selling some gorgeous jewellery for an extremely low price so if you are looking for some camp earrings, rings, necklaces or fans then I strong recommend Dragged Out London! I would rate these products 5 out of 5 stars!


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