Dragged Out London – Product Review


For those who don’t know when I’m not reviewing the newest Netflix shows, drag race episodes or fantastic new musicals I am also an English teacher for secondary (ages 11 – 16 years old) age students. Going into teaching I wanted to be the youthful and energetic teacher that would help revolutionise the education system and help to create a curriculum that students would relate to and become excited about! I will say however that if you ever feel as if you are contemporary and young then I recommend standing in front of a group of teenager learners who will instantly cut you down to size! I caused total pandemonium in a recent lesson where I just mentioned the idea of PlayStation two which left the kids in utter hysterics. Most recently when discussing the importance of considering the audience of a text a learner gestured to her peers and said “it’s meant for people our age and not … no offence … the older generation” keep in mind that I am only six years old than the learners but to them, I am an entirely different generation! Despite this, there seems to be one thing we can totally relate on and that is Pokémon! Around fifteen years ago I went through what my family referred to as my Pokémon phase. I was absolutely obsessed with everything Pokémon and especially loved playing on my Nintendo DS and before then one my game-boy (which I would never dare mention to my young learners) in fact I once attended a Pokémon convention which was hosted in the local ‘Toys R Us’ which would full of Pokémon fans, mascots and gifts which I personally really enjoyed! It seems that Pokémon is currently going through a sort of resurgence with new games, movies and merchandise being created almost twenty-six years after the first game was released! My learners love to chat about which Pokémon they would have on their fantasy teams but also which Pokémon they are most like and in all honesty, I think I would be the iconic Snorlax!

If you follow us on Facebook (which you can do so at https://www.facebook.com/rhysreviews/) you will also know that I am also a massive supporter of the art form called Drag! As we follow many fabulous drag performers on social media we have been aware of Dragged Out London for a while but as soon as they dropped their pokemon collected I just knew I had to get my hands on them. Instantly I was transfixed by a pair of wonderfully sparkly Gengar (who is a mischievous ghost and poison Pokémon for those not aware with the poke-verse) and so I was so excited to finally get my hands on this incredible set! I have reviewed many different sets on earrings but there is always one big issue that gets in the way of my reviewing process…. I do not have pierced ears! The first thing I noticed about my delivery from Dragged Out London was that for the first time ever I do not need to use my magnificent adapters to wear them! The fact that this delivery came with a clip in attachment (at no extra cost) built-in was amazing! I have to admit that when I first opened the package from this lgbt+ friendly company I was initially surprised by the size of the earrings. However, upon reflection, I am glad that they weren’t as big as I expected as they would have been incredibly difficult to wear. The weight of these earnings really helps to add an incredible sense of movement to the set that only exaggerates the wonderful campness of the set! The pair including a clip-on attachment were priced at a very reasonable £25 and for a person like me can help bring back a sense of nostalgia and for a ‘younger’ generation can also help bring a sense of whimsy to a look!

Also in my delivery from this fabulous company was a Zena ring in a gorgeous emerald green colour! While these were not themed around a specific tv show, they are fundamental to any new or established drag performer! Having never worn any sort of ring before I was a little curious as to how such a big piece of jewellery can stay on a performer’s hand for a whole performance! This price is also somewhat heavy that fits perfectly in my hand while sparking at even just the hint of any form of light. The weight helps to keep the product securely on your hand and I believe that a seasoned performer could easily balance this on their hands for their whole set! This piece is priced on their website at just £12.50 and you could easily purchase these in a range of colours to complement any look you could think of! While this is not a piece you can comfortably wear in everyday life (due to its ostentatious size) but would essentially for a drag performance or a show-stopping outfit at an event. With pride Cymru returning this year, this ring would make a perfect addition for a glistening emerald outfit!

Overall, these are two fabulous products that will help to bring a fabulous sense of campery to any outfit you have created! Both products were reasonably priced with the added bonus of after £30 you are granted free shipping! If you are interested in ordering these two products (or any of these amazing Pokémon or general accessories) then you can check out their stock at https://draggedout.co.uk I would rate the two items I received 5 out of 5 stars and encourage everyone who wants to add a sparkle to their lives to take a look at Dragged Out!



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