How’s your head wigs – product review


It’s crazy to think that just under a year ago we went to see our first ever drag show which was headlined by Utica and Denali from Ru Paul’s drag race season 13. This event happened in Pulse Cardiff and you can read my thoughts on the show on our website at The reason this is such a shock is due to us being massive fans of all things drag yet had never actually been to a drag show. Since then we have been able to watch a plethora of fabulous drag kings and drag queens performers across multiple venues around Cardiff. We are very excited as we have booked to see, one of our all-time favourite drag queens from Drag Race UK, Divina DeCampo in July with meet and greet tickets! If you follow us on Facebook you will know that we do weekly drag race reviews (which you can follow at where we share our thoughts on every weekly episode of drag race both UK and US versions! In fact, we recently got into an argument with someone online and stated that we simply did not enjoy a queen’s look on the runway. We did not mean for this comment to be rude or rude but instead, the outfit was simply not to our taste but this Facebook user continued to fight back even after us explained that it was not what we usually like. We appreciate the time, effort and money that goes into every look a queen create on the show and so we always try to demonstrate as much kindness and respect as possible but also as viewers we are entitled to share our opinions. This for us thinking about the classic online debate about people who have not done drag commenting on how a queens looks and usually giving unsolicited advice despite having no actual experience. When we look at a queen’s look the first thing we notice is the extravagance of their wigs and so we thought that if we are going to comment on a queen’s appearance we should see how much work goes into creating a fabulous hairstyle! You could class this as our first steps into creating a drag look (although their would be some debate as we recently received a selection of products from Dragged Out London who specialise in drag queen accessories, which you can read all about at but we feel as if a wig is a key foundation and fundament element for a fabulous look!

While scrolling through Instagram we stumbled upon a site called ‘How’s you head wigs’ who have provided hair units for some of the most famous drag queens to appear on drag race including Bimini Bon Boulash, Lawerence Chaney, The Vivienne and Kitty Scott Clause. With this in mind, you can imagine my excitement when I saw that the company was offering 50% off every item in their clearance range with accessories and items starting from as low as £1! Due to the interest in wig styling and wanting to prove a Facebook troll wrong, we took this as an opportunity to purchase some wig styling products and attempt to style a wig ourselves! Before we could order however we needed to make sure we had a wig to style so we decided to have a look on Amazon and find an affordable wig we could attempt our first style on and we stumbled upon a gorgeous black and pink ombré, lace-front wig from I’m style wigs. This wig was £20 which is not a lot for a lace-front but as a struggling uni student that is a fair chunk of money. I remembered that a little while ago I signed up to Zilch (which is a buy now pay later scheme) using a friend’s referral scheme so we were both gifted £15 to spend on products for a range of online shops! I used this £15 credit towards the wig and so it costs a measly £5 including postage! I didn’t notice when I ordered by the wig also came with two wig caps, a small brush and a fabulous pink bag to store the wig in which only added to the value of this purchase! If anyone would like to sign up to zilch use this code and you will be given £15 to spend and once you do, we will also be gifted £15! It’s free money for simply signing up and making a purchase so don’t miss out!


After we made sure we had a nice wig to style we ordered a selection of products from Hows Your Heads clearness section and ordered four brushes, a wig stand, a necklace and ten rollers which after the discount came to just £13! We spotted a fabulously pink “Working Gal” necklace which was just one pound! We have all been in that situation where we have found something we like on the internet that is shockingly cheap and we order it only for it to arrive and look nothing like the picture or be an eighth of the size so when ordering I had a sense that this price was too good to be true but I was wrong! The necklace comes exactly as advertised with an adjustable chain to fit most neck sizes with a neon pink glow on the lettering which looked amazing in the light! This would be a fabulous addition to a neon look that would help to add a little bit of fun/campiness to any look!


I had also ordered how’s your head’s “premium pro wig 4 brush bundle” which included Detangle and separate comb, Body Control Brush, Tease Brush and Smoothing Brush. Due to the price I expected these to again be tiny, flimsy brushes but there were professional looking substantial products that wouldn’t look out of place in any salon! Due to my inexperience and nativity when styling wigs I also decided to order a super affordable tabletop wig stand which in itself was a great product as it folds down so that when you don’t need it, you can store it somewhere. But upon reflection, this was not the product I needed as this tabletop stand was for showcasing hair once it is finished but I wanted something that I could style on. This was totally my mistake but thought I would mention it in case anyone else makes the same mistake in the future!


When it came down to actually styling the wig I had to watch a series of videos from various wig stylists so that I could gain some sort of idea of what I needed to do and when. I decided that as my first try it was simply a case of adding more volume onto the hair to create a much more flamboyant and full hairstyle. Now did the wig turn out exactly how I had planned in my head? No … but I still think that it is still a super fun style! The minimal execution of the style was due to my nativity and experience rather than the tools I used! The brush combo from how’s your head were lightweight and easy to use but my lack of experience meant that I didn’t really know what I was doing and tried to make it up as I went along. The teasing comb added unadulterated amounts of volume to my wig so much so that I would see I ended with a completely different style than when I started which I am taking as a win! For someone who is inexperienced with a hairbrush never minds a teasing comb, it was easy enough to create the backcombing effect with the brush and added a fabulous amount of drama to the wig which was one of my primary intentions. As I begin to gain more experience in wig styling I am absolutely going to continue to use this brush bundle from how’s your head and I am sure that the more practise I get, the better the final style of wigs will become!

Overall, while the experience of learning how to style a wig was extremely stressful and overwhelming the professional yet extremely affordable tool we were sent helped put us at ease in the unfamiliar process! Our personal highlight is the neon pink “working gal” necklace which cost just over the price of a Fredo! If you are looking to dip your toes into the waters of wig styling then I strongly recommend checking out How’s you head wigs as they have every product you could possibly need at an extremely affordable price! I would rate these products 4.5 stars out of 5 and hopefully one day we will be able to order a pre-styled wig from this company and see how the professionals style wigs!


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