Kat’s Jewellery – Product review


Those who have been following our blog for a while will know that we are massive fans of the Cineworld unlimited scheme which allows subscribers unlimited cinema every month for the low price of just £10 a month (the equivalent of two normal cinema tickets!) A gentle reminder that of you use our referral code RAF-41UF-82LQ-14EX-70BM you will also be gifted a completely free month to enjoy as much cinema as you can handle! Due to this service we have been to the cinema so much that we know have a favourite seat and, more specifically for this blog post, a favourite cinema snack! There is nothing better to enjoy during the latest blockbuster than some form of coke and blue and pink bubblegum fizzy cola bottle. Not only is the chewy yet tangy sensation of these sweets tantalising to the taste buds but also acts as a little nostalgia trip for me. In my younger days, I would help to run a local youth club where my main responsibility was managing a tuck shop where kids would bring their money to enjoy a wonderful array of sweets, chocolates, cupcakes, slush puppies etc. It was in this position that I first realised how under-praised retail workers are as despite working with young kids (and not crazies adults) it was a constantly high-stress situation! One of the people’s favourite products were the aforementioned bubble gum cola bottles and after a particularly arduous shift, I would treat myself to a couple of these delicious treats as an almost reward for getting through another week! The combination of tasty treats and nostalgic throwback make these sweets one of our all-time favourites!


When I discovered that a company by the name of Kats Jewellery were producing blue and pink bubblegum cola bottle earrings then I felt it was my obligation to get my hands on some to add to my collection comprising of coca-cola earrings from I’m a geek store (review available at https://rhysreviews.com/2021/07/27/im-a-geek-store-product-review/), glittery cupcakes and bejewelled Gengar earnings from Dragged Out London (review available at https://rhysreviews.com/2022/04/08/dragged-out-london-product-review/) Those who have been following our blog for a long time will know that we have worked with a selection of small businesses to help promote their products which have tended to be a lot of earrings which is quite surprising to me as I do not have my ears pierced! This is why for the purpose of modelling these newest accessories (and all of the previous earrings we have been sent) I have had to attach a glittery clip-on attachment which is provided by my and not the company so will not be a part of future orders!


Before I could get to the jewellery themselves I noticed that inside the package I was sent was a lovely gift of a Swizzles sticky toffee pudding flavour sweet (which could be itself the next product Kat’s jewellery could produce) which was a lovely little treat to enjoy alongside my bubble gum earrings which was a nice touch! I think lots of businesses forget that the best business for us is the experience for the customer and it is these emotive elements that keep customers coming back time and time again! This extra treat would not have bankrupted the company the surprise did instantly lift my spirits meaning I am much more likely to order again (which I have already had a look of what will be my next purchase!) Before ordering I was unsure as to how the product would look and feel due to them being made from polyester clay. I am no crafter so in my head I assume clay is a heavy and bulky material which I personally wouldn’t want pulling on my ears all day long. However, once they arrived I was instantly put at ease as they were actually extremely light and actually were an almost perfect recreation of my beloved sweets. The products looked so realistic that it actually fried my brain when I tried to hold them as they didn’t feel exactly like to sweets yet looked so much like them! As previously discussed, I have been sent many dangle-style earrings in the past but none have had to perfect hang that Kat’s earrings had. There were long enough to add the perfect amount of movement and drama but not too long that they become a hindrance which is perfect! Considering the special treat, first-class postage and the excellent condition of these earrings, £8 (including postage) seemed like an absolute steal for these earrings that have a lovely incredible sense of nostalgia for me!


Overall, my order of blue and pink bubble gum fizzy cola bottle earrings was money incredibly well spent with the perfect dangle, mind-boggling appearance and a wonderful sense of whimsy! If I was creative enough I would love to create an entire outfit around the original sweets which would obviously feature these items for Kat’s jewellery! I would rate this product 5 out of 5 stars and would recommend those with a love of novelty earrings to check out Kat’s Etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/KatsJewellery1?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=1155071706



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