Ru Paul Drag Race legendary children special

My dream cast for international all-stars (available at focussed on being established queens from all-around the world to crown an all super queen of the universe. This helped bring back fan favourites which which obviously bring in a bigger fan base, it does mean these queens get another opportunity to be on tv. All-stars and even the regular seasons introduced the viewers to queens who have already established a persona , brand , reputation etc but there is very few songs that help brand new (or baby queens). Many aspiring drag queens watch drag race to pick up helpful hints and tips on make-up , costume designing etc but being their in the werk room would be even more beneficial. To guarantee ratings and viewers , I would like some fan favourite to return to help coach the baby queens to put on a musical performance at the end of the special. Why a musical performance you ask? Welll…. in all honesty they are my favourite! Creating a original verse to one of Ru Paul’s songs (so no licensing fees and still promote Ru’s music) allows the queens to showcase their personas and could be used to them promote themselves in the real-world. The other thing is that people on social media seem to always want to put down queens without really tried drag before. Having this show , would mean that theirs keyboard warriors can try drag and if they do good then great but if they don’t do so well then maybe they should stop judging an art form you have no experience of (No queens should be sent hate anyway so that needs to stop generally!)


Song writing with Bob

The thing that I personally would find most difficult in this musical performance based special would be writing lyrics and there is one queens who is famous for their incredible lyrical skills. If you have been follow Bob the drag queen since her win on season 8 (which of you have let you should as they have recently reignited a youtuber career as well as a podcast with money x-change) you will know that she has recorded original verses to drag race songs such as clap back from all-stars 5, bing bang bong from drag race uk 2 and super queen all-stars 4 all of which have been incredible! Bring Bob back onto to the show to help coach the baby queens to write original verses that reflect their personality would be very effective as she had appeared as one of the experts on secret celebrity drag race and so is clearly experienced with helping new queens. I believe that Bob would help the queens to create interesting verses that would show the audience the new found drag personas as well as being accurately musically etc. But also any excuse to see Bob back on tv is something that I personally would look forward to!

Recording with Divina

Once the queens have written there original verse the obvious progression would be to actually record their performances to lip-sync to later. Divina DeCampo is the only queens (that we know of) that is able to sing across four and a half octave in five different language and so is probably the most vocal experience queen to ever grace that drag race main stage. Not only is Divina an expert on singing but it would also be great to get a representative from drag race uk back on tv! Also any opportunity to hear her iconic laugh would be a treat for all the viewers. Additionally , this would be a great opportunity for Divina to promote her new album of “frock 4 life” with fellow drag race uk alum. Obviously Divina is a great singer but is not a recording artist and so would need a recording team to support her. She would help the performers to sound good and the team would help get the vocals into the system so both would have to work together to make sure the recording is as high-quality as possible!

Choreography with Alyssa

So the queens have written and recorded their original verse and so now it is time to start considering how they will actually perform the song in the end. If we are talking about drag queens , there is no one more qualified to provide choreography than the dancing diva of Texas – Mrs Alyssa Edwards! Alyssa has been running Beyond Belief (her own dance school) for many , many years and also being a fan favourite since her appearance in season 8. If you have seen the Netflix original series of “Dancing Queen” which shines a light of Alyssa’s (real name Justin) dance academy you will see that she is heavily involved in the running of the school and creating new dance routines which shows that she is still involved in that create sphere. Alyssa would help the queens to create and develop a form of dance for the baby queens that is musically appropriate , fits the lyrics and showcases any talents/personality of the new queens.

Make-up with Raven

Now that the queens have created all the aspects of their performance they should now consider the looks they are going to showcase. I think that making costume from scratch would be way too much to explore in an 2.5 hour special so they should have some sponsor provide customers for the queens to wear. However the queens can gain hints and tips on make-up from Ru Paul’s personal MUA Raven. As Ru would already be on this show , Raven would be constantly in close proximity so there wouldn’t need to be extra travel provisions organised. Raven hosts “fashion photo review” with season 3 winner Raja. Raven had appeared across multiple seasons including secret celebrity drag to give the queens hints and tips on how to do effective mask-up. This is the area that a lot of baby queens find the most difficult and so this section could work with the queens do their make-up themselves and then Raven would come over to provide support and areas of improvement. Potentially the baby queens would have had some experience with make-up so Raven would not be providing totally new idea but just fine tuning their skills.

Final performance

The pinnacle of this special would be the main musical performance of the original verse to the Ru Paul song. The queens will lip-sync to the verses they wrote and recorded , perform their choreography while showcasing the look (including make-up) they have made. I would like the judging panel to be the drag queen experts and Ru Paul who would critically asses each queens overall performance and how they did in each section. Every queen will gain experience and knowledge from taking part in the show and so the overall prize is not that important but the advertisement would be extremely beneficial. There could be a small overall cash prize to the show which would be supported by some sponsor!


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