Fantasy international All-stars cast


There has been a lot of discussions online recently about an all-winners season of drag race that would fit a similar structure to all-stars and while this is highly unlikely to happen, what I LOVE to see is an international version of Ru Paul’s drag race all-stars. Now that we have had versions of drag race set in many different locations in the world such as the US, UK and Canada and so my selection of queens would be from these three different shows as they are the ones I have personally watched. All-stars is a chance for queens to get another opportunity to showcase themselves as they did not get the opportunity to do so in their original season. In my opinion, all-stars is also an opportunity to find the most well-rounded queens who are not just good at one aspect of drag but are gifted in a lot. Therefore, I would like to suggest a change in the rules and structure of all-stars where queens do not go home each episode (which removes the anxieties and repercussions of sending a fan favourite home) but instead, it runs on a league style table where the winning queens get 5 points, plus an extra 3 if they win the lip syncs (as well as any tip from sponsors), all safe queens get one point and the bottom queens lose 3 points this means that we still get to see an iconic lip-sync every week but also get to see the queens take on every challenge are showcase ALL of their strengths and weaknesses. So enough about the structure and onto the queens, I would like to be involved in this international all-stars season: 

1.Divina De Campo 

I thought that Divina should have won the first season of Ru Paul’s drag race UK as not only was she hilarious to watch but also, she is clearly an insanely talented performer which we didn’t really get to see a lot of her vocal ability (apart from the during girl group challenge where she delivered some insane whistle notes during the iconic performance of break up bye-bye.) She was incredible during the costume design challenges and turned many insane looks on the runway. I would love to see Divina take on the talent show of all-stars and would love her act to be her singing in 12 different languages across 4 octaves all while doing the splits as not only would that be incredible to watch but I know it would make the viewers cry from laughter, obviously if they had seen series one. 

2. Baga Chipz

It was clear from the beginning of the season that Baga chips fashion choices were not on the same level as her final three sisters (Vivienne and Divina) but her personality carried her throughout. The time between her original season and my fictional season of international all-stars could have been a time where she focused on her outfits and stepped up her fashion and the only way to truly see if this is the case is to watch her compete again, she was full of joy to watch and gave us some of the most iconic moments in Drag Race herstory including “Much Beta’ and the frock destroyers. I can only imagine how many more iconic moments she would create if she competed on another season of drag race. During her season Baga claimed to be a live signer which we again never really got the chance to showcase and so the talent show would be the perfect opportunity to do so.  

3. Blu Hydrangea  

Now it was clear that Blu would be on this season to complete the trio of the frock destroyers if Ro-Laska-Tox can do it why can’t these iconic queens! Not only would this be a subconscious way to promote their new album (Frock 4 Life) but unlike Ro-Laska-Tox there would be no way to rely on their trio as there would be no eliminations. Additionally, I have been keeping an eye on Blu’s Instagram for a while and she is turning stunning make-up looks and I think she is one of the most talented make-up queens in drag race herstory so giving her a chance to show her incredible skills.  

4. Juice boxx  

It must hurt to be the first sent home in any season of drag race especially if it Is the first-ever season in the Canada iteration of the show. All the queens on this season talked about how talented Juice Boxx and lots of people know that Juice bested Priyanka (the eventual winner of Drag Race Canada) in a local drag competition before being on the show. Giving her another chance to showcase the skills she is known for would only make sense and would allow her to live up to the legacy she had created. Everyone expected her to go so much further in the competition and may were shocked she was eliminated so early in the season, so I think she needs a chance to Ru-deem herself. 



I have to be honest when Jimbo entered the werkroom on season one of Drag Race Canada I did not expect her to go very far but she proved me wrong. She is an incredibly unique performer who created amazing outfits the likes of which I have never seen before, she was also very talented in the challenges where they had to make costumes out of unconventional materials and so her and Divina would be stiff competition to each other. She was also a fan favourite who many people would be excited to see on the show once again which from a producing standpoint would mean that more people would tune in to watch the season! 

6. Vanje

Vanessa Vanje Mateo is one of those queens were everything she does iconic; I dare anyone to watch the Brittney spears evangelical tv show from season 11 without cracking up at least three times. Upon her return to the show after being eliminated in season 10, she had clearly stepped up her game and got to the final four. I would personally love to see her take on a dance routine during the talent show due to her experience in being a back-up dancer before getting into drag. I think that the world would implode with both Vanje and Baga on the same season and I am all here for it! 

7. Cherry valentine

These next two inclusions are purely because they are queens that I love. Cherry competed on the second season of drag race UK and I thought that she would go very far in the competition but was actually the second to be elimination (spoiler alert.) I have been following her on Instagram for a while and some of her looks were absolutely stunning and, as she is also a mental health nurse, she seems like a very nice person to be around. The was a lot of outrage for the drag race community when she was eliminated so having her return in this fantasy season will drawback in the crowds of people who were disappointed that she left so early in the competition. This more dark and gothic side of drag has not been explored much of the show so giving this style of drag a spotlight would be great to see. 

8. Nina west

Nina West is just how I would like to be in life. She is a kind-hearted Individual (which is why she won Mrs Congeniality on her season) and having that positivity on the show would be fun to see on the show. Also, Nina has been doing so much since her season and it is clear that she has stepped up fashion game since her season, I loved Nina’s looks on her season as they were so incredibly camp and theatrical which is the type of looks that I personally love but she has still managed to step up the overall quality of all her looks. She also showed everyone that she is a brilliant comedy queen during the roast during the secret celebrity version which was a side of her we never really got to see on her original season!

9. Gigi Goode

Now Gigi did exceedingly well in her season and many people thought that she would be the obvious winner of the season, but she was not! Similar to how many people thought that Shea Coulee would win season 10 but didn’t not, Gigi turned out some of the best looks I have ever seen with her performance skills showcased flawlessly thought the whole season (let’s not forget the Madonna challenge and that lip-sync to starships in the opening episode!) She is a very well-rounded queen who was just pipped to the post in her season so I know if she was given another chance, she would not f*ck it up! 

10. Widow von du

The other queen in that iconic starships lip-sync was Widow Von Du who showcased her unusual contortionist abilities during this performance. Her lip-sync with Jackie Coxs was one of the most emotionally powerful performances I have ever seen in drag race herstory and it is clear that she is an incredible performer. She is incredibly entertaining but would also bring some amazing looks for the runway. 

11. Ivy Winters

A queen that I often forget about is ivy winters and she is remembered for being the queen Jinyx (eventual winner of season 5) confessed to having a crush on but went home later in that episode. She has been described as a circus queen which I personally would love to see on the talent show section of the season as well as turning some stunning looks. Her name seems to be the most iconic thing about her so allowing her to show her talents would be a fantastic opportunity for this queen.

12. Trinity K Bonet

Trinity really seemed to struggle on her season against the massive personalities the other queens possessed. The moment that Bianca (eventual winner of season 6) read trinity by asking her what it is she does successfully with Trinity not being able to answer, we all knew she was doomed. However, she did deliver some incredible lip-syncs in her season it would be great to see her showcase what it is that she does successfully if she was given another chance. 

13. Dida Ritz

When all-stars 5 came around and it was revealed they would be bringing back lip-sync assassins to compete at the end of each episode I was shocked to discover that Dida was not invited. She gave us some of the most memorable lip-syncs in drag race herstory so it would be fantastic to see how she has stepped up her game since being on season 4. 


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