Chasing Cameron – Netflix Original

Many people believe that ‘The young male YouTuber’ has almost become its own stereotype to describe a person who is an irresponsible, childlike media star who can be considered reckless and selfish. However, the Netflix original “chasing Cameron” showed a new more responsible and serious side of the people behind of /in front of the camera which completely shattered everything I thought about these YouTube personalities.

Although this show is called chasing Cameron, it is just about Cameron Dallas it actually follows the group known as magcon (which Dallas is apart of), which is made up of a group of all-male you-tubers, as they do a tour of Europe and Australia. It shows a side of these kids that often goes unnoticed. It sheds a light of the creative process of creating, editing and posting videos, logistics and operations of touring and the darker side of fame which made this show very interesting to watch. At the end of the day, these boys are enterprising young men who have developed and maintain a successful business. They have to consider social trends, digital habits, etc and it brings to light how hard these kids work to become as popular as they are. I had never thought about the struggles you tubers face as I always considered it an easy profession where you can just get videos and get paid but this shows showed how difficult this sort of career can be which made for an educational experience. On top of all this, this series discusses many important issues for the target audience such as family, mental health and friendship. It was really cool to see a YouTube personality, such as Cameron Dallas, discus anxiety and it’s effects which can only benefit the viewers and can only have a positive effect on anyone who suffers from mental health issues.

This is definitely a show suited for young teenage girls as this is the majority of Dallas’ target audience on YouTube. This show at times panders to the audience with the superfluous amount of shirtlessness of Dallas and his fellow YouTube stars.

If you were watching this show as someone who is not a teenage girl then these scenes did seem unnecessary, but the reason I personally watch this show was that I know the name Cameron Dallas but I knew nothing about what he did etc. For me, it was a very educating series and I think this was one of the main purposes for the show. These types of biopics are made to expanded Dallas and cos fan base/popularity and so it was successful in that respect. I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who is a Cameron Dallas/YouTube fan.

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