Good Girls – Netflix Original

Good Girls is a Netflix original comedy series which follows the lives of three suburban moms who become involved in a life of crime. This series is trying to show the length that mothers are prepared to go to improve their children’s lives and makes the asks the viewers “is it ever okay to commit crimes?” This series follows three women: Beth Boland played by Christian Hendricks (who gave a raw and emotional performance throughout this series) , Ruby Hill played by Retta (who delivered some of the most iconic and comical scenes in this series) and Annie Marks played by Mae Whitman, who rob a supermarket with the idea of improving their lives and being able to provide more so for their children. The writers have decided to attribute the characters with real-life stories of Cheating partners, serious illnesses and custody to deal with morality to decided if it is justified or not. This series shows the friendship and sisterhood between the three women and through their criminal activity, they grow stronger together and help show the world what three strong, enterprising women can do. This makes the entire series somewhat empowering for women but despite this, it should not be seen as an example of how you should act. As well as being somewhat empowering for women it also deals with many controversial issues. Firstly, in what has become an iconic scene on social media, Ruby deals with a rude customer and aims to educate them about the respect that service/waiters should receive which was very heartfelt and is an issue very close to my heart. Through the inclusion of the character Sadie, it discusses the insecurities and abuse people who are struggling with their gender identity have. This was a really nice concept to deal with and allowed to show how parents should care for and love their children regardless of how they identify.

I believe this series would have worked a lot more effectively as a movie rather than a series. At times the action in the show was slow and was left for the end of each episode. Despite this though I think the action peaked too close to the beginning of the series. I thought the narrative would be how these women get deeper and deeper into the work of crime culminating with the murder of a rival gang member. But the end of this series was incredibly tense and did leave me excited for the next series. Towards of the beginning of the series, there were flashbacks and flash forward that happened in rapid succession which was somewhat confusing and could easily be done without. One of the best scenes in this series was an incredible scene is taking place in a department store in which Annie is giving feedback but uses smart euphemisms and Double entendre to reference a recent one night stand with an employee of the store. This scene was very smart and comical which the writers should be proud of. Overall, I would rate this season 3 and a half stars. Also, Season two of Good Girls is realized on May 31st and promises to have higher drama and stakes than season one so it’s not to be missed.

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