Preview of Catfish the musical

Having been a fan of Catfish the TV show for many years I was very excited when I learnt there was a catfish musical being created and to be offered the chance to review the music before it is released to the general public really was the icing of the cake that I never really expected to happen.

From the music I can tell that this is a hyper-modern musical that is perfect for an older teenage audience. Not only is the term “being catfished” is a phrase that an older audience may not understand it also contains a reference to gifts, memes and pop culture. The creators have managed to perfectly represent this older teenage audience within this show itself as each and every character is fully realised and they have managed to portray the real anxieties and fears of this age group which include things such as homosexuality, general sexuality, friendships and social media. The latter being a key idea especially in the song titled ‘caught in the web’ which talks about how people all show affection on social media once you have passed away. This song was such a raw subject to talk about in a musical but the creators were able to approach it in a respectable way that still managed to tug on the heartstrings of any listeners. You can clearly tell that this is a passion project for the people who had created this musical as the characters are the perfect representation of the audience who would be watching the musical.

The opening number in this musical titled ‘social media game’ was, in my opinion, the greatest way to start a musical that I have ever listened to. It helped set up characters and the story of the show but didn’t disclose too much information that ruined any possible surprises. It was extremely mysterious with an almost storytelling vibe to it which really made me excited to listen to the rest of the soundtrack. This was one of the highlight songs in this entire show so to have it as the opening number is a very clever choice. This show is obviously about a very real-world and serious issue but still managed to dances on the line of comedy. No song represents this more than ‘I GOT A NUDE’ which is a hilariously funny show that is all about a young person receiving naked pictures for a Pontiac lover. It is a side-splitting song that perfectly represented the emotions that many young people go through when this first happens to them. This is a very crude song that is obviously highly sexualised which is why I believe it is appropriate for an older end of the teenage audience. The reprise of this song was extremely moving and emotional. Which opens with a mother struggling to adapt to life without her son and this alongside the beautiful accompaniment in the background is extremely moving and I would be surprised if when performed live, the majority of the audience is not moved to tears.

Overall just from the soundtrack, I can tell this is an extremely fun and modern musical that will have the viewers feeling the full range of emotions. I would say it is suited to an older teenage audience such as 16+ as they would be able to fully comprehend the characters and themes in the show. I strongly recommend you keep an eye on this show by following them on social media (Facebook: Catfish The Musical, Instagram/Twitter: @Catfish_Musical) as this is a unique musical that is not to be missed!

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