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If you have read any of my blog posts before you will know that travelling on my own is something that used to fill me with a lot of anxiety and dread but now I really enjoy it so the thought of travelling from Cardiff to London by my self was something I was somewhat excited by. I actually got the Megabus (which is something I did for my trip to Hungary over the summer) which actually only cost me £10 for a return journey which is actually cheaper than my transport to my university in Treforest. A 3-hour return journey to London cost less than the 1.5-hour journey I have taken three times a week! The journey is exactly what you would expect from a budget transport company the only problem was that there was no WiFi which was a problem as I needed to use google maps to plan my journey from the coach station to the hotel.

Once I got off the train I had to board the underground to get to the hotel which was simple enough to do. The hotel itself was very nice and was located ten minutes from Paddington which was a location to easily travel Into central London from so in that regard it was fantastic. We stayed in the Prince William Hotel which was incredibly affordable for the night as it only came to £40.50 was is insanely good for a hotel in London. It was nice enough and did everything we needed it to for the night. In fact, upon arrival, we were actually upgraded to have an extra bed in our room which was a really nice touch! The only problem I had was that I wasn’t sure how to operate the lights and had to ask how to work them, I didn’t know that most hotels now require you to put your room key into a slot which operates the light (which I was told nor was there any signs inform me of this) but I will put this down to me being inexperienced in hotel etiquette!

On this first day, we had reserved a table at Gordon Ramsey’s street pizza restaurant which I found out about from Virgin experience days! Going here for food was one of the strangest eating experiences I have ever been to. The pizza was very nice with it being more high-end, fancy pizza rather than greasy takeaway pizza I am used to but it was still very nice. This was an all-you-can-eat experience for up to two hours for £15 which is again really good expect the pizza is brought over and offered to you by the serving staff which did make you feel special but also is clearly a way to limit the amount of pizza you can eat which is unusual when compared to over pizza buffet places such as Pizza Hut offer. The other unusual thing about this establishment is that they offer refillable drinks which you have to fill up yourself which is not unusual at all. What is strange is that customers have to walk behind the bar, stand next to the till in order to fill up your drink which was a very strange experience! I would definitely come back to this place for food next time I am in London as it was very affordable (for London) and the pizza itself was very tasty!

The next day started with a visit to the o2 which was a very fun experience but due to a change of plans, we didn’t stay there too long. From here we went to the sea life experience which was somewhat expensive to get into at almost £30 each but I did really enjoy being able to see all the incredible fish and marine creatures. My personal favourite was the jellyfish as I have always loved them and they are so fascinating to watch swim. A highlight of this experience was being given a sticker as a sticker for touching a starfish 😂😂

This second day in London ended with a trip to see Showstoppers in the Lyric Theatre which was a chaotic and unique experience that everyone should watch as they only have two performances left! My full review of this show can be found

Overall this was a very fun two days in London where I was able to try and experience new things that I had never done before. It was an insanely fun few days and most of it was at an amazingly affordable price! If you want any more information about booking any of the experiences I did then feel free to comment below!


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