Zombieland: double tap – review

I walked into the screening of ‘zombie land 2 – double-tap’ with reservations as it’s not normally a show I would go to watch and on top of this I hadn’t seen the first film in the franchise but I was pleasantly surprised.

Despite having never seen the first film I was able to understand what was going on for most of the film. Obviously, if you want to fully enjoy all the nuisances and character dynamics in this show I would advise you do watch the first film, but if you walking into the cinema knowing next to nothing about the franchise then you enjoy and understand this instalment. This is a zombie survival movie filled with extreme violence, strong language and sexual references which makes this a film appropriate for a more mature audience. Despite the violence (which is a major part of the film), this is also an easy to watch film which contains a simple plot which makes this film very enjoyable to watch.

One of the lead characters called Columbus (played by Jesse Eisenburg) was incredibly comical and Jessie fitted the nerdy-ish character perfectly. He delivered a believable and realistic performance which added to the fun nature of the show. This was the character delivered many of the voice-overs which were included to introduce his list of rules. The rules themselves were visibly displayed on the screen in a theme that suited the brand of the film perfectly. This was great inclusion which was branded perfectly but also helped portray Jesse’s character in a clear and precise manner.

A new character in Zombieland: Double-tap was the slow-witted Maddison who was played by Zoey Deutch. Maddison delivered many of the comical lines and Zoey was able to deliver these lines to have the watchers rolling in laughter. Specifically there was a joke about a taxi service where a random stranger picks you up and if they murder you they get fewer star ratings (obviously you will have to watch this film to see the clever way Zoey deliverers this hilarious reference to Uber as I believed I haven’t done it justice) which again was delivered perfectly.

Regarding the narrative itself, it was easy to follow the plot which I believe was used as there may be people like me who have only seen this second film and so people need to be able to understand the plot. This was nice and made it an easy watch. However, I felt as if the ending was a bit vague. While it was action-packed and tense I don’t believe it explained many of the new zombies in this film. This does mean that if the developers want to they can create a third movie in the franchise. SPOILER: the film is about the gang discovering a new type of zombie that is incredibly hard to kill but is never explained how this mutation happened.

Overall this is a really enjoyable film that is entertaining and easy to watch. It is hilarious at times but also has the typical zombie killing scenes that make the film suitable for an older audience. I would rate this film 4 stars and it has got me wanting to watch the film so I can understand this instalment deeper.

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