Nuclear – review

We recently attended the Nuclear preview screening at chapter arts centre which organised by BAFTA Cymru. Which was a fantastic event which ended with a Q and A with the creative team and one of the actors.

Obviously, I can’t give away any of plot or story ideas, as you need to watch it for yourself, but what I can say this is a film not too miss. The show is incredibly cleverly written! The script itself is intricate and complex as it deals with very real but extremely dark issues but at the same time layers the story so that it touches in the metaphysical world. These two concepts are beautifully combined to produce a film that grabs the attention of the audience and keeps them on the edge of their seat throughout. The actual start of the film is very striking but the scenes that occur after, at times Moves very slowly due to the fact they are establishing key story points and character but the latter part of the film moves very quickly which adds to the tension of the film.

This is an incredibly dark film which deals with very intense themes. It contains stealing language and extreme violence which means the film is definitely not appropriate for a younger audience, also a younger audience may not understand all the complex metaphysical references and themes. It’s also probably not a film that a group of friends would go on a social night out but if you are interested in a deeper, darker side of film then this is the film for you!

The event ended with a Q and A with part of the team who worked in this film. This section allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the film making the process, character perspectives and how the film came into existence. The section was hosted by Hannah Thomas who was a fantastic host and managed to encourage and control conversation perfectly. This was a great inclusion as it gave everyone a different view of the film and gave the attendees of this BAFTA Cymru event a unique perspective.

Overall, this is a fantastic film that was so impactful that there was a stunned silence in the theatre when the film had stopped. It’s a dark and twisted story that engages the audience but also makes the audience take a moment to process and understand everything that happens. I would rate this film 4 out of 5 stars and would encourage anyone who enjoys the darker and intense side of cinema to watch this film when it is released!

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