#stay here – Netflix original

stay here.jpg#Stay here is a Netflix original show that is about two professionals who go around a help people who are struggling to set up their holiday rental homes. I have to be honest at the moment interior design is my newest obsession. I have followed many interior designers on Instagram and programs like this are my favorite shows. This program is a showcase of holiday homes, that you would find on the sites such as air bnb, merged with ‘sixty-minute makeover.’ The two professionals arrive at a rental home, have a look around, find out what the problems are, improve their homes and fix whatever the problems identified are. Generally, this program follows the regular home renovation programs we have seen before but this program does things that we have not seen before.
After the professionals have done any structural or physical changes they discuss the business side of the rental. They discuss with the owner the original cost per night, occupancy rates and annual income, etc and talk about how they can improve it. The highlight the other spaces in the local area, what each rental does differently and the experience nearby that they could offer. This is great to see as it shows the businesses side of the rental sector and allows the audience to see that it’s not all just about how much money you spend and that it is not easy to set up and rental. This show also showcases local businesses when they discuss local experiences/businesses but also promote local retail stores. In one episode they visit a local vintage shop and negotiated with them for them to place vintage products into the home they were working on. Visitors to the home could purchase the vintage items with the host receiving a commission. This is a unique idea that I never knew was possible and so was great to see. Also, the renovation doesn’t always involve attracting new customer and generating a massive income. In one particular episode, the homeowners were focussing on the quality of their costumes rather than quantity. They were looking for a way to vet their possible renters and the professionals on the show introduced the owners to a vetting agency. This again was something I never knew existed so was interesting to watch. The only problem with this program is that we never find out if the homes do in fact improve but I suppose this is not the purpose of the program.

stay here 2
This program is very focussed on the younger generation. It uses “youthy” graphics/ font style and energy-filled music. The whole series has massive amounts of energy and the hosts of the show are a major reason for this. The series also discusses the importance of digital profiles on social media etc and the importance of photography which also panders to the younger generation of viewers. I think this was done to inspire the younger generation into real estate as it highlights the possible income that people in this sector can generate. Also the name of the show ‘#stay here’ obviously uses a hashtag which is synonymous with Instagram which is notable a younger generational application.
In General, this series combined to of my greatest passions, interior design, and business, and also showcased local businesses which can only benefit the local economy and can only help the businesses involved. This show inspires is viewers and show new and unique ideas for those looking to go into the rental business. I would rate this series 4 out of 5 stars and really hope that Netflix’s produces more series of this wonderful show.

stay here 3

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