Sugar Rush – Review

sugar-rush-s2[1].jpgSugar Rush is a Netflix original cooking show that is unlike any of the shows to come from the current baking craze. The show has four sets of a baking professional who compete against each other in three different challenges. The challenges have overarching themes which allow the bakers to interpreted the theme in any way they like. For example, Buzz which could include alcohol and bees/honey, which is up to the bakers to choose to present the dishes in any way they like. The first two challenges take place across three hours and when the bakers complete the first challenge, they press a buzzer so they can present their work to the audience and the same process happens for the second challenge with any time remaining. If after the two challenges, there is any time left they can carry it over to the third and final brief. The last challenge is the biggest and grandest challenges and so the bakers always go into the show saying how they are going to aim to have loads of left-over time to carry through but this almost never happens.
Due to the time restraints, they show has a great sense of tension and excitement about it which is unlike many of the other baking shows. The way they have filmed this show alongside the music used keeps the audience of the edge of their seats while watching which I don’t think happens with any other baking show. Also, unlike other baking shows, the judges do not come around and ask the bakers what they are doing. Instead, each pair of baker discuss with one another so they the audience know what they are trying to create. I really enjoyed this as with programs like the great British bake-off, the judges have a discussion with the bakers while they look stressed and busy which only takes away from the already tight time restraint on the challenges. This to me was a nice touch for the program and only added to its uniqueness. Thirdly, as this show has all professionals, it allows each pair to showcase their own business (through cleverly designed video packages) as well as through the work they produce on the show. I personally like this, as an Entrepreneur I know how difficult it is to promote your work and so providing these bakers with a chance to showcase their businesses is great.
However, I believe that the judges chosen for this program don’t quite fit the quirky and energetic nature the production team has created. I understand they need the knowledge and professionalism for the judges but they seem to contrast the atmosphere of the show, expect the judge Adriano Zumbo. Having watched Zumbo’s Netflix show “Zumbo’s just desserts” I can see the shared excitement, energy and colorfulness of both shows. This made him a perfect judge for this show as he blends his knowledge of baking with his creativity and colorful personality. Also, I was a little let down by this show as it doesn’t come to a complete end. I know that none of the show link and each episode there is new bakers and so there isn’t really a narrative, which makes this show perfect for casual viewing , but normally these types of shows have a champions und with each of the winners of each episode competing against each other to crown the overall winner but with this show there was not which was somewhat disappointing.

Overall all this show is a unique and exciting baking show that provides something new for the baking enthusiasts. If you enjoy great British bake-off but feel It needs more excitement and energy then this is the show for you. I would rate his series 4 out of 5 stars.

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