Atelier Acrid – Product Review


Those who have been following my blog for a while will know that we have somewhat of a trend of partnering with earring suppliers which is not unusual for a reviewing page, but I have actually never had my ears pierced! This means that I always have to ensure that the company I am working with can provide a clip-on option which for Atelier Acid could not have an easier process! With a simple drop-down list of attachment styles available (such as stainless steel ear wires, kidney hooks or most importantly for me clip-ons etc) you can just scroll down and select which one you require for no extra cost! Obviously, as a person without pierced ears, I love that you are not charged extra for different attachments and from a business perspective this allows to the greatest number of customers to be able to enjoy your product which is a fantastic touch! I do have to say that it is clear that this company maintains a focus on the actual earrings with their unique and interesting novelty designs (for my order in particular) as the attachments themselves are not the most glamorous that I have worked with but people don’t buy earrings to look at the attachments so in theory this makes complete sense!


If you have ever been lucky enough to join me on a night out then you will know that I am physically unable to say no to the people who come with their trays around selling jäger bombs. The price is almost itself irreverent but when they say there is a deal on for 3 jäger bombs for a certain price then I feel compelled to buy at least six! Due to this fact, I will go through an obscene amount of the half jäger/half red bull drinks every time I hit the town which for people who don’t frequent the clubs can be very intense! This is why I was instantly excited when I spotted that Atelier Acrid were selling jägermeister bottle earrings so that I can show off my love for the herbal digestif wherever I go! These accessories are about an inch or so tall but the careful use of iconography, colour scheme and shape makes it incredibly obvious what brand of alcohol you are showcasing which can be very difficult when you are working with small items. The chain that dangles the bottles themselves is shorter than previous pairs I have worked with meaning it is easier for people to identify and recognise the brand as you move around. However, I am a little cautious that if I decide to wear these on a night out that I am essentially marking myself as an easy sale for the aforementioned shot people! It is pretty much carrying a big sign saying “Come sell me some jagers” which is not really the worst problem in the grand scheme of things! If you are going out looking for attention from staff and partygoers alike (as I frequently do) then these £8 earrings are not to be missed out on!


Now from a newfound love (well a five-year relationship) of alcohol to a fantastic sense of nostalgia! When scrolling through their fabulous website I spotted a wonderfully sparkly pair of rainbow fish earrings that paid homage to the iconic children’s book aptly named The Rainbow Fish! Those who have been following the blog for a while will know that we are strong advocates of tapping into the child-like joy that we often forget about as responsible adults so being able to showcase a book that meant so much to an entire generation can be so important! This pair is about two inches tall and four inches wide which when paired with a camp fusion of vibrancy and sparkle creates a small yet bold statement piece. As a fan of the art form of drag (as highlighted in my recent review of the Drag isn’t Dangerous fundraising event available at, I am beginning to image a drag-tastic reimagining of this iconic fish as a wonderful gown complete with these unique earrings!


Overall, while Atelier Acrid seems to specialise in the more alternative and gothic genre they still have a wonderful array of novelty gifts for that everyone can appreciate. They have a whole section of their website (which you can find at dedicated to pride-inspired accessories which is a fantastic resource as we enter pride month and upcoming pride festivals! The products I received had incredible attention to detail with both products having recognisable reference points despite that contrasting sizes which is not an easy thing to manage. I would rate my products for Atelier Acrid 4.5 stars out of 5 and don’t forget to take advantage of their current offer of free standard UK delivery with any order!


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