Creative Aspirations – Product Review


One of my favourite items in this delivery from Creative Aspirations was a wonderfully spooky pair of earrings inspired by the 1988 cult classic movie Beetlejuice! Those who know we in real life while be aware that I have been known on occasion to hit the town donning my beetlejuice inspired , white and black stripped suit and now I have something to help complete the look next time I wear the iconic outfit! The guitar pic shaped dangle earring is surrounded by the unique black and white earthworm from the movie with the words “never trust the living” in the recognisable purple and green gradient colour scheme all coming together to create the perfect accessory to complete any Beetlejuice look! Alternatively , these earrings would also help to add a sense of spooky-ness to any outfit perfect for the Halloween season!


From a pair of earrings inspired by someone coming back from the dead to something that needs to be killed. I was also sent a wonderful pair of tombstone earrings with the words “RIP Gender Roles” blazer across each one. It terrible to think that there are a small number of people who still believe a series of terrifyingly dated ideas such as how a real man should act. In fact thanks to the rise in popularity of people such as Katie Hopkins and Andrew Tate , I have seen an influx of young people who have been brainwashed into think that men shouldn’t cry or women are objects who belong to their partners. It is horrifying that in 2023 that there are some people who not only believe but spread these horribly outdated views. These tombstones would be the icing of a cake for a more androgynous look or anytime you want to sprinkle a political message into whatever outfit you are wearing!


From earrings that battle against dated gender roles to a pair that aim to battle against the rise fat phobia. In my deliver I was also sent a pair of bright pink love hearts that shares the message “thick thighs saves lives” which was popularised by model Ashley Graham. Those who have followed my blog for a while will know that I am an advocate of body positivity and In fact was actually interviewed about the importance of male positivity for men (which you can read about at and so having a pair of earrings that promotes this important message is so important for me!Also within this package was an adorable cute ghost keyring that actually glows in the dark! For what is a very simple design , these products are so cute and will help to carry a bit of the spooky season with you where ever you go!


Overall , Creative Aspirations is a company that specialises in the unique hybrid of spooky designs and messages of empowerment which doesn’t seem like it should work but it most defiantly does! I would rate these products 4.5 out of 5 stars! If you want to get your hands on some of their fabulous earrings, key-rings , candles or pins you can do so at and do not forget that as always we should support local businesses!


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