Jurassic world: dominion – screening experience


I believe that every person in existence went through a period of time in their childhood where they were absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs. During this phase we all had a favourite toy that was modelled after our of our prehistoric friends , you could identify/ categorise based off of a quick glance and you wanted nothing more than to grow up and become a dinosaur (or maybe that was just me!) As we grew up , our passion for the prehistoric period dwindled as our minds filed with more adultly things such as taxes , rent and pensions. If you have been a follower of our blog for a long time then you will know that we are an active advocate of staying in touch with your inner child. For example , for my twenty second birthday party I had ordered a bouncy castle for me and my guests! When it was announced that there would be a new addition to the Jurassic world franchise I not only did I want to book a ticket to the latest addition to the dinosaur fight club movie but I knew it had to be in 4DX.


For those who have never experience a 4DX movie before it is built on the same premise of a traditional 3D movies where the action transcends the screen but 4DX takes it one further with a total immersive cinema experience. On top of the images leaping out of the screen throughout but also the chairs themselves tilt and jerk in reflection of the action in the film. Cineworld manage to exaggerate every element of the movie through the inclusion of gusts of wind , splattering of rain ,circulation of unique scents amongst other things to create a truly immersive screening experience. These enhanced experience helped to draw the audience right into the centre of the movie and at times made the audience think they too are being chased by a dinosaur which only adds to the excitement of the film! My one qualm with this screening however was the during the more windy scenes (that had a large fan situation on the side of the auditorium) the volume of the movie made it somewhat difficult to understand what was being discussed by the characters but this did get better as the movie progressed! It wouldn’t be a movie review with put me mentioning the benefits of becoming a member of the cineworld unlimited scheme! Usually the cost of a ticket for the extremely exciting 4DX experience is just under £14 per person but thanks to my membership I was able to save fifty percent on my ticket! This is the second time that I have used my cineworld card to gain exclusive discounts to special event screenings (the first being for Rocky horror picture show available at https://rhysreviews.com/2021/10/29/rocky-horror-cinema-screening-review/) and when combined with the idea of unlimited cinema every month makes a unlimited membership a must buy for any film fanatic! I’m addition to half price tickets , I was also treated to a free gift of a medium popcorn as a belated birthday present from cineworld themselves! As this was the opening weekend of Jurassic world: dominion every audience member was also gifted a exclusive , free movie poster that will help remind me of the thrilling experience of watching this new movie in a total immersive cinema!


This movie was billed as the epic conclusion of the Jurassic park/world franchise which spans over thirty years and expectation was high with how they are going to bring one of the most iconic movies series’ to an end. Going into the movie I was unsure how they would bring an end to this long-running movie series and I have to admit that I did think the ending did fall a bit flat! While this is understandable considering the the thirty years of excitement that has been building since the first movie in 1993 , I do think there could have been a more creative and definitive end to one of the most iconic franchises to exist but I have a sneaking suspicion that they were will be a one off special announce a few years down the line! To match the prestige of a final additional to the series , the casting team have brought back a plethora of family faces from both Jurassic park and Jurassic world to create an exciting cross-over of generations! Within this latest addition we see the return of the incredible Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm who was first introduced to the audience during the original trilogy as a mathematician looking into Chaos Theory of dinosaurs. Jeff has become famous for his incredibly eccentric and unique mannerisms which he brings to this movie with his unique sense of humour which is a welcome addition to the more intense , action filled moments in the movies. We also see the return of the dynamic duo of Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler and Sam Neill as Alan Grant who have a overwhelming sense of adventure and come to the rescue of the newer characters at key moments in the story. The fusion of classical characters with contemporary characters helps to ramp up the status of this movie as final chapter in the franchise!


We are re-introduced to the dinosaur trainer Owen Grady who is played by the wonderfully talented Chris Pratt (who I once dressed up as for a Jurassic park party in Tramshed a few years ago!) Chris yet again manages to portray the fun , spur-of-the-moment adventurer but this time the character has an added perspective of being a father like figure in two different parallel stories. In the previous movie , we learn about the connection between Owen and his raptor Blue who also reappeared in this newer movie but this time with an offspring. After the baby dinosaur Beta is kidnapped by a group of militants, we discover that Blue has the abilities of self-production due to their genetic formation. This genetic as advantage is then transferred with the intention of population control. Simultaneously , Owen alongside his love interest Claire Dearing (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) are sworn in to protect Maisie Lockwood (played by Isabella Sermon) who initially portrayed as a genetic clone of the the acclaimed science Charlotte Lockwood who is the recipient of the dinosaur genetic transfer. We discover that instead of being a genetic clone , Maisie is actually the child of Charlotte via the first ever self-initiated reproduction in humans. This realistic(ish) science being included within the story helps to further draw the audience into the story that is only exaggerated by the 4D elements in this screening!

Overall as a movie Jurassic world dominion is everything you would expect from a Jurassic movie (namely awesome dinosaurs fighting to the death) with the added layer of nonstalgai purposefully included to end the end of the franchise. The 4DX elements were amazing to experience and truly helped to draw the audience into the action. As far as value for money goes , 4DX ads an extra layer of excitement for a increase in price but having a unlimited membership were proves valuable in these moments. I can understand why all the influencers were invited to view this show in 4DX (cineworld I am still waiting for my invite!) I would rate this screening 5 out of 5 stars!


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