La Voix – Performance Review


I am going to start this weeks review in a very strange way by thanking the performer for the show. I recently attended the Cardiff section of La Voix’s Eighth wonder of the world tour where they went above and beyond to help make the day extra special for my Aunty’s 65th birthday! If you have been following my blog for a while you will know all about the famous Aunty Chris who attends most of the live musical shows with me as a plus one. When I was a lot younger I was absolutely obsessed with wrestling and my Aunty conveniently worked with someone who moonlighted as a welsh wrestler so she would drive me to all of their events. This then developed into us going to see musicals together and now that we are invited guests at the performance I thought it would be only fair to return the favour of all these adventures! The reason all this is relevant is because La Voix’s show actually fell on the exact day of my Aunty’s 65th birthday which I informed the team working on this show and they did everything within their power to help make the day as special as possible! We were bantered with throughout the show, my Aunty had her shoe taken by la Voix, she was given a massive badge dubbing her the ninth wonder of the world and she had a photo with the performer which will be posted in social media shortly! I contacted La Voix and her team to let them know that the show fell on my Aunty’s birthday for a potential shout-out or mention of there was enough time but instead, they went above and beyond to help celebrity this milestone and so we are incredibly great full to everyone who helped make this happen as it truly made my Aunty’s birthday!

For those who have not heard of La Voix’s before, she is an insanely gifted vocalist and comedian whose energetic style of performance will have you howling with laughter one moment and then gasping in awe the next! La voix is a wonderfully mesmerising performer who is a blend to comedy and singing flawlessly to create an extremely entertaining and engaging show! Each show has been carefully crafted to not only showcase the array of La Voix’s talent but also include modern references to help tie the entire show together. One of my favourite moments was after talking about Adele’s recent performance at the London Palladium (you know the one where Alan Car Sang Adele’s hit song Make you feel my love!) La Voix launched into a series of iconic diva impressions performing some of Adele’s greatest hits! These included Cher, Liza, Judy Garland and Shirley Bassey all of which were incredible but I thought the Cher one was a stroke of pure genius! Each section was tailored to the impression which was very clever and allowed the audience to appreciate the talent of not only La Voix but the band who joined her in stage! The idea of these massive musical icons was then interweaved throughout the rest of the show was she performed other numbers in the style of the divas. We were treated to an incredible performance of Mein Hair from cabaret which was famously performed by Liza Minnelli. There were points where La Voix was singing upside down on a chair and she showcased incredible core muscles during dance sequences all while singing live and looking incredible in a wonderfully sparkly head to toe red outfit! Later in the show, we went give a performance of one of my favourite musical movie songs “Welcome to Burlesque” which La Voix performed in her incredible ‘sexy’ look from the singing competition queen of the universe (which is coming to the UK soon!) Again we had teases of Cher throughout the number which not only were hilarious but also made sense as Cher and Christina Aguilera appeared in the original movie!


This is a show that also contains buckets full of audience participation so try to wear clothes as normal as possible if you don’t want to be picked on. There was loads of banter with the audience which was amazing considering La Voix was essentially improvising responses but was still able to make the audience laugh throughout, she even managed to make a series of jokes about sustainable fashion and geography! At one point in the show, La Voix requested that three in the audience give over one of their shoes which is something I have never seen before. These three people (my Aunty including) spent the whole show with one show and one slipper on which meant that they had to walk around during the interval with one shoe and one slipper on. Also during the interval, we were treated to a performance not by eight wonder of the world La Voix but instead the merch guy who was given music and lights for his rendition of Reach by S Club 7! In the second act, my Aunty was invited on stage to receive her plaque that dubbed her the ninth wonder of the world which involved a little dance on stage and a photo in front of the audience which she really enjoyed! The end of the show included a medley of songs including It’s raining men, ABBA hits and Lady Gaga/Arianna Grandes ‘Rain on Me’ which was so wonderfully camp and had the audience on their feet singing and dancing along!

Overall, this was a wonderfully camp show that showcased a wonderful blend of comedy and pure talent that transfixes the audience. It is clear that La Voix is having a wonderful time on stage and the joy she radiates permeates the audience instantly. From Side-splitting comedy to insane vocals to incredible looks, La Voix truly is the total package! The show is pure camp at its most elevated which in all honesty is a piece of me! I would rate this show 5 out of 5 stars and again want to thank the team for helping my Aunty’s birthday one to remember!


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