Moma G’s after hours Pride celebration

If you have not already I would recommend that you go read my review for Moma G’s family pride celebration event (available at occurred earlier in the day as the ‘late session’ was a complete contrast to it but it was organised by the same people. After the chaos of having kids running around, screaming and generally just being kids it was nice to sit down a relax in a more adult-friendly environment. I felt an internal sense of calm after all the children have left so can only imagine what the organisers felt. This section was supposed to start at 7 and started a little after that with many of the performers, organised and the audience sitting together outside and enjoy a drink (or two) which was provided by Stanley arts in house bar. This much more relaxed and chilled out the evening was a complete contrast to the heroic and high energy children family session.

Tickets for this event were again pay what you feel and the money raised would be going towards the mermaids’ charity. Mermaids is a charity that supports young people who are experiencing gender dysmorphia or are transitioning and so the charity and the event liked up perfectly! It was also organised by Moma G with support from Gary King with the former hosting the majority of the night and the mater doing a more dramatic reaction of “whipped into shape” from a legally blonde who performed earlier in the day. In their other performances, Gary had a wonderful sense of stage presence and used every inch of the stage to deliver many wonderful performances. At one point Gary selected people from the audience (of which I was one) to go on stage and perform as backing dancers for a tiktok cover of Ru Paul’s glamazon which was great fun to witness and even more to b a part of! I’m not normally the type to be on stage and dancing in front of an audience but it felt like a safe space where everyone was there to support any act that was on the stage!

In the family pride celebration, we watched Katie Pritchard perform a series id comedy songs which I don’t believe the kids fully understood but the more adult performance they did later was much more well-received. Katie walked onto the stage in a sheet which was taken off to reveal a flapper dress underneath which was then removed to reveal a bodysuit with JP nuts wrappers on the more intimate areas all while singing about everyone wanting to see her nuts which was hilarious and wild in equal regards. This opening song was an almost comedic burlesque performance which was incredible to witness.

Overall this was a much more mature show that had a much for an intimate audience. The event was much more relaxed and calm but with some very raucous moments. There was a comedy, live performances, drag bingo etc which meant that the adults always had something going on to keep them entertained in between popping to the bar! I would rate this event 4 out of 5 stars!


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