I stole Satan’s girlfriend – review

‘I stole Satan’s girlfriend’ is a comedic play performed by the pop-up theatre company and recorded at the Drum Asia studio in Malaysia. I don’t know a lot about Malaysian culture or beliefs but this show is a hilarious parody of modern life, relationship and elements of religious upbringings which were fantastic to watch. The show was written by Scott Mcquid and follows a guy called Dan (as played by Bryan Taang) he meets a girl and they end up having a one night stand. The morning after he realises that the girl (played by Lara Alyssa) he had spent the night with called Lucinda (clever name by the way!) has probably the most problematic exes in all of history… SATAN! When Satan (played by Aniq Durrar) discovers that his ex has moved on to someone know he decided to start an apocalypse to show her that he still loves with her. I did think that this portrayal of Satan was slight more Dracula that the archangel due to the posh accent and red motifs but these characters are quite difficult to differentiate between. Over time Dracula and Lucinda rekindle their love as Dan quickly gets out of dodge and escapes the potentially dangerous situation!

The opening dialogue of the play gives off very cheesy children’s comedy series, similar to Disney Channel, with over-the-top acting and classic child-friendly quips such as “she’s as about as exciting as a cardboard box!” You could tell from the title that the show would contain ridiculous amounts of comedy and so this wonderful caricature of characters fits perfectly into the story which was great! However, a few moments later (a throughout the rest of the play) there is a lot of strong language and sexual references which means that it is not suitable for a younger audience. I think this show would be perfect for an older teenage audience due to the sexual references and also references to concepts such as the four horsemen of the apocalypse for example. I thought that the performance in the opening dialogue that was reminiscent of the Disney style of teenage comedy didn’t quite fit with the more mature style of comedy used later in the show. I do think that this story and play could have been adapted into a full comedy series as there is so much comedy that could come from this situation. Even it was a short online series, as the play itself is only 15 minutes anyway, I think it could be explored depend into a full comedy series so that could be something to think about. The show is very modern with references to modern technology and millennial culture and was filmed incredibly well so the audience has to greatest viewing enjoyment.

Overall this is a very fun play that contains many comedic moments that could be developed deeper in an online series. Tickets are super affordable at only $3 each which is less than the price of a coffee! A modern play that explores millennial culture with a comedic twist which was great to watch. I would rate this play 3.5 stars and would encourage people to watch this show as the tickets are less than the price of most coffees!

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