Bots! Soundtrack review

Bots! A new children’s musical is an exciting and super fun musical that is perfect for local Amateur dramatics/ kids theatre groups. The show follows the lives of multiple groups and they build robots to compete against each other to find an overall winner but through the coding, building and intense competing to members from rival teams befriend everything which, I don’t need to tell you, is not how competition normally works.

This is a show that contains a super positive message about friendship and teamwork which is targeted to a younger audience (if the name hadn’t given it away already) and also the idea of dancing/singing robots appeals to a younger audience and they have played on this as they cast children for the show. This has been done as the show has musical rights available to purchase online for an affordable price. I would strongly recommend that theatre companies look into this musical to purchase as I believe the children will love the story and have fun doing it, the music is insanely accessible to everyone and there are references to both K9 and BB8 (which are two references that kids will love.) The show itself is only 45 minutes long and contains energetic songs and I imagine that the costumes can be as creative and as fun as you want it to be which will be another thing that the kids will love. I have thoughts of parents building robots out of boxes, kitchen utilises and tin foil which would be a sight to see and the kids will be proud of.

The opening number is this song is called “Gearing up for glory” as is everything you would expect from a cheesy, children’s musical theatre opening number. The song introduces each squad individually (think power rangers introductions .. on a side note why hasn’t power rangers the musical been produced yet) what is clever about this song is that it builds up to reflect the groups joining into the completion which I was personally very impressed with. From this song I instantly imagined a blacked-out stage with crazy robots rising from the floor with ridiculous amounts of fog being sprayed across the stage. This song reappears later in the song as a reprise which becomes a technology-based spoken word/rap piece that is very fun and would be one song the kids would love to be apart of and the audience will find brilliant if performed correctly. The music team behind this project manages to capture the narrative they are trying to portray especially during “Robot Match Round One” which perfectly captures the tension of competition while fusing it with the classic musical theatre and portray all the unique characters in the musicals. The beginning of the song “Final Round” was so wonderfully intense which fitted the story of the song so the team behind this song have done an incredible job in capturing the excitement of a competition final. The song titled “Hashtag Blessed” is one of the most fun numbers in the entire musical and maintains an air of comedy throughout.

This musical is crammed full of simple but fun songs that are accessible to all ages/levels and contains a very positive message about friendship and teamwork which would work incredibly well with a young audience. I assume that you can have as much fun and creative to stag this show which I believe a younger cast never will love! I would rate this show as 3 out of 5 stars!

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