Awake – Netflix Orignal

Awake is a Netflix original game show that is built on an incredible concept with endless amounts of drama and energy.

Like a traditional game show this series makes six participants compete in a series of physical activities in order to be in with a chance of competing for $1million dollars but unlike other game shows this series forces the participants to stay awake for 24 hours before competing. This means that the participants are very tired in the activities which made for a very interesting watch. This show truly showcased the effects of and damage that lack of sleep can cause. This show actually showed super interesting facts about the science behind why the competes were not as good as the ‘rested testers.’ This made me think about the effects that lack of sleep can have in situations such as driving or when carrying it dangerous everyday activities which added a layer of education on top of the fun/entertaining challenges.

Another interesting thing about his show was that it included a buy-out option at certain points during the show. These choices allowed a single participant to leave the show if they think they did the worst in the competing. This helped add even more excitement and drama to this already tense show.

Another great thing about this show was the host. James Davis hosted this show and suited the show perfectly as he managed to be charismatic enough to bring the drama and fun that a traditional game show host needs but also add to the unique twist of this special game show. James was the perfect choice for the host of this show and so the casting team (and also James himself) should be congratulated for a great job.

Despite this, I didn’t not personally like the choice of name for the show. “Awake” does not fit the energy and excitement of the show, I don’t know what I would change the name to but I think a better title could be thought of. Also, I did not enjoy the cheesy challenge names they gave to each activity.

In general, awake is an exciting and unique game show that awesome provide a level of education for the audience. This show is easy viewing as each episode works in isolation and is not relate to the previous or the next episode and so you can watch episodes whenever you have 40 minutes spare. I would rate this show 4 out of 5 stars and would be excited to see a second series if it ever gets produced.

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