A Splash of Rainbow – Product Review


This past summer we took part in what can only be described as a mini international pride tour that covered a London event hosted by the fabulous Mama G (with our review available at https://rhysreviews.com/2022/06/27/mama-g-family-pride-event-number-two/), the incredibly political Budapest pride (which you can read about at https://rhysreviews.com/2022/07/26/hungary-2022-part-one/) and the highly anticipated return of Pride Cymru (which you can read on thoughts on at https://rhysreviews.com/2022/08/28/pride-cymru-2022-experience-review/.) While these events are wonderfully fun In an ideal world however we would not need to have specified pride as we should not just celebrate being ourselves on select days it should become an everyday practice. This is why items such as our recent order of items from A splash of rainbow are so important as they are a way to celebrate pride every day as well as supporting a queer-friendly small business! For the low price of just £24 (including postage) for seven adorable enamel pins, these pride reminders come at just over £3 a pin which is a bargain! Our recent order could really be split into two categories one of which is the more subtly pride-infused pins and then the more bold, rainbow-plastered ones.


What is particularly interesting about these designs is the fact that they appear to be catered to a much younger audience which is a very controversial topic at the moment. The integration of queer culture and young children is a relationship that has recently come under fire by the media but having worked in schools that have had extremely vibrant LGBT+ societies it is clear that there is an outcry for queer children to receive the support and advice they need in order to live their lives freely and authentically! As an educator, the most important thing is that children feel safe and secure not only in my care but also within their homes so these classes/groups/communities are so important! The first collection are much more obvious with their association with pride and so would be perfect for pride-specific celebrations! Among these pins, I would have to say my favourite was the elephant pin that has massive rainbow ears on either side of his adorable trunk! I think that it was a clever choice to use the ears as the canvas for the rainbow inclusion as it not only provides a larger space but a rainbow trunk could have conjured up unwanted sexual innuendos for the product! When I discovered that there was a rainbow shark available on A splash of Rainbow’s website, I knew I had to order it as there is a joke about a gay shark that I have told to anyone who stands still long enough! Not only is this a super cute pin but it is also now become an opportunity to share one of my all-time favourite jokes so if you see me wearing this rainbow shark pin at an event please ask me about the joke as I would love to share it with whoever! I also thought that the rainbow penguin was also very cute!


The second set would be perfect for the likes of youth workers, teachers etc who are encouraged by superiors to not be seen promoting any political ideology or a place where it could be potentially dangerous to disclose your sexuality as these items are subtle enough that without close inspection people who not assume are pride items! My particular favourite in this pseudo-collection would have to be the adorably cute puppy pins that has rainbows strips going through the inner section of its belly. What really strikes me about this pin, in particular, is the vibrant colours of both the rainbow itself but also the fur of the dog that somehow adds a wonderful amount of energy to the totally stationary pin! The fact that this pin is modelled with having its tongue out really adds to the playful and fun energy of the product. While this is my favourite in this group, the crocodile pin is a very close second! The designer of these pins has managed to present a much more friendly and approachable depiction of a crocodile which are famously known for being violent and vicious creatures in the real world! Again the choice of an almost like green, the big eyes and their waving hand help to make this pin extremely fun and likeable. Alongside the hedgehog and sloth, these pins make up the sort of line-up you of characters would see being brought to life during a Butlins/Pontins pride celebration!


Overall, our order of rainbow pins were wonderfully adorable while at the same time being affordable prices due to the seven pins for £24 (including postage) offer that is currently running on their site! Not only is this a fantastic site but it is also helping to support a queer-run small business which is important now more than ever! While I have opted for all rainbow-decorated pins there is a wonderful area of different pride flags that can be selected through their site to help celebrate whichever section of the community you best connect with. I would rate these pins 4.5 pins out of 5!


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